Ardèche wanders

We all love our Ardèche for different reasons : Mild to observe foxes at nightime, Lisa to spend days rockclimbing in all seasons, Coline to enjoy neat restaurants, Maëlis and Hubert to go geaocaching while canoeing in the Ardèche gorges, Philippe to go caving in its underground full of incredible caves...
We'll love to share with you the beauties of Ardèche so feel free to ask us !

There is a Touristic infos desk at the Aven d'Orgnac, many leaflets to discover the activities of the surroundings are available.
For further information online, you can check on the  Office de Tourisme Pont D'Arc Ardèche web site.
You can also check Ardèche Tourisme web site for infos on the whole Ardèche.

Pont d'Arc Ardèche

Ardèche Tourism


Ardèche, land of dolmens !

With almost 900 monuments, Ardèche is one of France's richest dolmen areas- even richer than Brittany !
A dolmen road, a panoramic viewing platform and five themed trails have been created here in the south Ardèche so that everyone can enjoy this exceptionnal prehistoric heritage.
Whether you are a beginner, a seasoned hiker or simply out for a stroll, there's a trail to suit you. If you follow these paths, you'll a take a fantastic journey trough time from the Neolithic age to the present day. Spectacular and mysterious, the Ardeche dolmens will make you see the area in a different light !

Read Chemins et Dolmens brochure (only available in french)