Bring your tribe along

Is your tribe ready to travel through the time and space to explore our prehistoric and geological past? The Aven d'Orgnac proposes a fun packed day for all the family !

A day of activities with your tribe

*everyday during summer holidays at 10.15am.
**everyday during holidays (except Christmas and winter holidays).
***every monday evening during summer holidays. Booking online

Please note, the Treasure hunt, the prehistoric activities, the Créa'Magnon workshop and the criminal investigation are only in french.

This is a suggested program for a day at the Aven d’Orgnac, Grand Site de France. Certain activities are free, others can be reserved and paid online or on site, subject to availability. Please check our agenda for more information.

Your day


10.15 Créa'Magnon workshop

Re-live Prehistory and try out our ancestors' techniques : pottery, flint knapping, cave painting... and leave with your creation!

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11.15 Visit of the Cité de la Préhistoire

Discover the daily life of our ancestors from the Middle Palaeolithic through to the Early Iron Age at The Cité de la préhistoire ! Travel back in time 350 000 years , dig like a real-life archaeologist on our interactive touchscreen tables and come face to face with a cave hyena.

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and Prehistoric activities

How did people light a fire during Prehistory ? How did prehistoric people hunt ? Immerse yourself in Prehistory by experimenting our ancestors' techniques.

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12.15 Shaded Picnic

Enjoy lunch during a well-deserved break in our shaded woodland picnic area. Zip line, slides and an outside play area are also waiting for you!

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13.30 Treasure hunt in the Maubois

Let's hunt the Maubois's treasure into Orgnac's forest ! Enigmas, rapidity challenges, mimes, map reading... you need to pass the challenges to find the treasure !

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15.30 Guided tour of the cave

A grandiose tour, in the depths of the Aven d’Orgnac a “Grand Site de France”. Explore three immense chambers and admire the beauty of the subterranean landscapes: shapes that suggest giant palm trees, stacked plates, columns, ochred draperies... under 55 meter high ceilings.

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16.45 Snack time

Time for a snack? Take a look at the farm shop or the café-snack where you will find something for a sweet or refreshing bite.

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20.30 Criminal investigation at the Cité de la Préhistoire

Observations using a microscope, bone study, logic... Will you be up to solving this enigma? Come and have fun with your family or friends, and test your scientific investigator skills.

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