Visit the deepest show cave in France

  • -121 meters
  • 12°C

It's a story that began a hundred million years ago, stretching from the formation of the limestone rock right up until the discovery of the Aven d'Orgnac, in 1935, which now allows visitors to admire the gigantic underground chambers and their majestic crystal formations.

Exploring the cave

Cité de la Préhistoire

Discovering our ancestors' daily lives

It's a human story too, from the first fire-lit tales and the thousands of flint blades that were sharpened here, more than 350,000 years ago, to the continuing educational work at the Cité de la Préhistoire. Come learn a little and dream a lot, surrounded by birdsong and the chanting of the cicadas...

Discovering Prehistory


Long-forgotten skills

To let you rediscover our ancestors' skills, our team offers a wide range of outdoor prehistoric technical workshops and demonstrations, all around the Cité de la Préhistoire. On offer : getting to grips with spear-throwers and discovering the secrets of fire.
Unleash the Prehistoric caveman in you!

Our prehistoric activities

Our sustainable commitment

Come on ! Everyone should bike to the Aven d'Orgnac ! And we want a "zero waste" site ! And how do you offer quality local products for catering on the site? These desires, these questions we ask ourselves every day. We hope that by 2025 (because, yes, it does not happen in one day), we will be able to say that we are THE eco-friendly tourist site in south Ardèche. A good start : since 2016, we have 320 photovoltaic panels on the roof that generate power for the whole cave lightening ! And in 2021, we've been labeled "Accueil Vélo" (bike friendly) ...

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Ardèche, land of wealth

Rich in heritage and unique landscapes, Ardèche is THE destination for a change of scenery. Tourism in Ardèche also means slowing down, chilling and taking the time to feel the sun on your face, enjoying the living nature that surrounds us ...Hiking, rockclimbing, caving, canoeing, stand up paddling...we will always find a way to enjoy Ardèche wonders according to our dreams.

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