Prehistoric activities

How did prehistoric people light their fires? What hunting techniques did they use? In order to discover our ancestor’s life style, our guides invite you every day to attend our various outdoor demonstrations and workshops.

Summer holidays - From 7th of July to 31st of August


"The secrets of fire" demonstration

Rediscover our ancestors' skills! Our activities team invites you to a fire-making demonstration, featuring various prehistoric techniques. Be it using percussion techniques or using a bow-drill, admire the magical appearance of the flame!

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"Prehistoric hunting" workshop

Discover the reconstitution of prehistoric weapons and learn to hunt with assegai spears and a lance thrower. Who will hit the mouflon target and eat tonight?

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"Créa'Magnon" workshop

Re-live Prehistory and try out our ancestors' techniques. Every day, a different workshop is proposed (parietal art, pottery, Sumerian writing, etc.) Transform yourself into a Cro-Magnon and leave with your creation!

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Guided tour "Our prehistoric ancestors"

Get to know our ancestors with a guide who will teach you about the evolution of prehistoric lifestyles, starting with the Neanderthals who lived here 350,000 years ago. Encounter some of the stars of the museum collection: sometimes spectacular, sometimes unusual, sometimes discrete... they always have many stories to tell you.

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