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The Cité de la Préhistoire, sensory and interactive immersion

On the tracks of the Neanderthals and Homo sapiens, children travel 350,000 years back in time: an interactive, fun and action-packed experience is guaranteed. Our daily activities let them discover the long-forgotten skills of our prehistoric ancestors. Tour with or without a guide.

Taking it further: active visits, a fun and structured way to make the most of the museum

With clipboards and worksheets in hand, the children head off in small groups to hunt down exhibits in the Cité de la Préhistoire. During the visit, the guide gets the kids talking about what they've seen, then recaps.

The Cave, a dive into the depths of a fantastical and grandiose world

As they follow the secure route and as the different sections are illuminated, the children discover a new, different and magical world, which is revealed as they make their way forward. The guide passionately tells the tale of the ancient underground river, explaining the impact of both water and time. Giant palm-tree-shaped formations sit alongside stack-of-plates stalagmites and delicate draperies in an astounding underground cathedral.

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With Passerelles Patrimoines Ardèche, you can put together a package that meets all your Prehistory, natural heritage and historic heritage needs.
All the activities on offer have been developed by our education team and are tailored to the needs of the teacher, the age of the children and any time constraints. Our activities include prehistoric workshops, discovery trips, active / educational tours, etc.