Research Centre

Research on the cave

The Grand Site d'Orgnac has supported research into the subterranean environment via several scientific programmes since 1998:
- a study on the current climatology of the Orgnac-Issirac systems, by François Bourges, Géologie-Environnement Conseil;
- a palaeoclimatic study of the Orgnac-Issirac systems (Dominique Genty - French Atomic Energy Commission);
- an in-depth geomorphological study of the shapes and deposits of the Orgnac-Issirac systems, by Jean-Jacques Delannoy, Stéphane Jaillet and Christophe Gauchon, EDYTEM (Mountainous Environments, Dynamics and Territories) Laboratory, French National Centre for Scientific Research Joint Research Unit 5204, University of Savoie.
These research projects, combining geological, geographical and environmental approaches, are managed by the teams studying the Chauvet cave: comparing the working of the easily-accessible Orgnac system with that of the Chauvet cave, where samples are very hard to come by, provides precious information to help develop a global approach to karst systems.