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A breathtaking day!

Step into another world...

An hour-long guided tour to the centre of a world of wonder and delight awaits you at the Aven d'Orgnac Cave. Giant palm-tree-shaped formations, the Pine Cone, a majestic 11-metre-high concretion, and other stack-of-plates stalagmites tell a geological tale that began more than 3 million years ago with the ancient underground river. Giant concretions and fragile crystal formations are poetically revealed as the lights are dramatically brought up along the secure path reaching down to a depth of 121 metres. The magic of this sound and light show will charm visitors of all ages, before the lifts whisk you effortlessly back to the surface.

Travel back in time!

With or without a guide, the Cité de la Préhistoire invites you on a unique sensory journey through 350,000 years of Prehistory. A voyage of discovery, from Pre-Neanderthal culture to Homo sapiens, combining original collections and interactive exhibits. This educational exploration, featuring tools, weapons, pottery, and both human and animal bones, is aimed at both novices and experts. To add that extra special something, visitors can take in the outdoor demonstrations, discovering the secret of fire, sharpening flints and getting to grips with a spear-thrower!

At the Grand Site de l'Aven d'Orgnac there's also a regional produce shop, a souvenir gift and book shop, a well-marked footpath, a geological exhibition area and a restaurant.

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